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Protects and improves the reputation of the company, develops a strategy of actions to strengthen its position in the market.

    The current decade is marked by an increase in the level of competition among commercial enterprises and a simultaneous decrease in audience interest in different products. To avoid failure, new approaches are required, among them all the funds are good, especially corporate PR events. Our agency offers a wide range of opportunities to organize them:

    • press conference is a traditional method of informing the audience about the success of the company in the Q and A session;
    • press lunch is a new format of the conference, designed to raise the level of media loyalty to the brand;
    • briefing is an ideal corporate PR event; the briefing shortly highlights one significant issue;
    • presentations and exhibitions are another way to implement Corporate PR. Events are prepared in advance, as they require a painstaking selection of information materials.

    We are engaged in organizing the company’s internal PR. We hold events significant for the company: anniversaries, birthdays of managers, which form a single information space and strengthen the team. In addition, they contribute to the formation of common standards of personnel behavior and their loyalty to management.


    The development of the advertising sector showed that scandalous PR is the best information reason for promoting a brand or public figure. The public enjoys watching its development, participating in a kind of series. At the same time, viewers become potential customers of companies, not noticing this themselves.
    Hype PR is also popular, hype is designed to blow up public opinion, attract the maximum number of participants to the event. We know that the success of an undertaking depends on the significance of the occasion and the degree of fame of the persons who take part in it.

    Another way to excite and bring a stream of customers is through viral video. This is a great marketing tool that has changed the advertising industry forever.


    Without PR promotion on social networks, the existence of modern brands is almost impossible. Almost every customer is registered on public Internet sites. Well-organized PR on social networks quietly brings the user to the idea of acquiring the company’s products.

    To do this, we write interesting posts, veiled advertising goods and services. We participate in forums, organize groups, attract the maximum number of subscribers to them, interact with bloggers.