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Personal PR from manager to actor

    High-end specialists work in your company, but do not customers go to them? The problem will be solved by personal PR, the strategies of which are being developed by the PR agency of Oleg Maltsev. The technology will help you learn about the professional’s achievements in simple, unobtrusive ways.


    We understand the importance of covering the work of the CO of the company in the media. The tasks of the PR campaign of the head of the company include representing his activities in a winning light. Our public relations specialists use all possible means: interviews, photo reports, expert articles in magazines with feedback from colleagues and partners. The manager is positioned as the unifying intellectual center of the company.


    The doctor’s PR from our professionals will allow potential patients to find out interesting facts about his education, place of study and work, operations that were successfully carried out. We will carefully study the facts from the life and activities of the doctor, tell patients about the methods of his work, marital status and other important details that make up the image of the specialist.


    Modern technology allows everyone to become a photographer, but not everyone can become famous. The photographer’s personal PR from our company provides this opportunity. We will select and publish the best works of the photo reporter on the pages of the media and on the Internet, which will attract new customers to his services. The positive live reviews on social networks that we will post can add fame.


    We will attract the attention of agents to the work of the actor. We will compose a detailed portfolio, we will talk interestingly about its first steps in the world of cinema and television. We will take photos that will winningly demonstrate the artist’s external data. PR actors is the sphere of our professional activities. We know exactly what to focus on.


    Writing is particularly in need of advancement. A lot of people write without publication prospects. Among these works you can often find masterpieces. For literary agents to learn about them, the works of the writer must be presented to the public. Writer’s PR is a complex process, you need to understand well not only in literature, but also in the intricacies of the writing skills of a particular person.