Reputational PR

We control the opinion about you

We get rid of the crisis situation, restore your reputation

Order our anti-crisis PR service, change the situation in time. Our anti-crisis PR campaign is a comprehensive event.

    Your company is in a crisis situation, is its reputation spoiled? Most likely, the crisis is caused by poor management organization. Public relations specialists of Oleg Maltsev PR agency offer a way out of this situation. We order our anti-crisis PR service, change the situation on time. Our anti-crisis PR campaign is a comprehensive event:

    • honestly tell your customers about the mistakes made, show readiness to start working in a new way;
    • we will establish a dialogue with service customers, explain to them the strategy and tactics of work, show a desire to listen to advice;
    • as part of the anti-crisis PR strategy, we will do everything possible to quickly correct the situation, the buyer will see a change in the company for the better.

    The campaign is conducted by a professional developer of PR cases. The employee is the conductor between the disappointed customers and the company being updated. This type of brand renewal is also called reputation PR, as events contribute to the brand’s reputation in the market.


    When it comes to the judicial system, and it becomes known to a wide audience, the company’s situation worsens, people cease to believe it. We offer the PR promotion service in court, this is a part of our strategy to overcome the crisis.

    We are well acquainted with the nuances of the complex technology of interactions with the media in the field of litigation PR. The professional media defense strategy is clearly consistent with the line of advocacy. PR agents are well versed in the legislation of the country where the trial takes place. Interference by the press with our support in the course of the trial is never contrary to the law.

    We are proud of the results of PR campaigns conducted by public relations specialists. We have repeatedly managed to prove the innocence of famous individuals and companies. In other cases, we strengthened the defense side in the process and sought compensation for moral harm.